Why You Should Consider Using a RPO Service

Why companies should consider using a RPO service for their staffing needs

Why outsource?

Hiring top talent is often a grueling process requiring valuable time and energy of your team. Rather than investing in projects that generate revenue for your business, teams are often spread thin in attempts to complete lengthy interview processes. Even after reviewing resumes and talking to candidates for weeks, sometimes you still can’t find that ideal person who meets your standards and meshes with your team. Recruitment Process Outsourcing is a service our staffing firm extends to businesses, allowing you to focus on your day-to-day while our team of experts manage the recruiting.

The Process:

Before beginning a search, we take the time to understand client’s needs and goals to ensure we identify qualified candidates who will integrate within your company culture. We like to understand the motivating factors for the role and the issues you may have encountered in previous searches to customize our search. Once we have established a clear timeline and expectations for each role, the staffing team researches both active and passive candidates using the latest technologies and sourcing methods. The recruiting process is designed to hone in on the specifics required for the role, considering your budget and your hiring time frame.

Staffing firms apply their knowledge of industry terminology and interview techniques to carefully screen resumes and candidate profiles. We select individuals who can handle the demands of the role with retention in mind. The screening process provides valuable insight into both the candidate’s skills and their personality using assessments based on your company’s values and unique culture. By the end of the screening process, the hiring manager receives options of individuals with the details as to why they are the best fit for the position. This means you get to choose who will move forward to the final interview stage.

What to Expect:

When you hire a staffing firm, you can expect timely results that will save you money. The initial front-end of the recruiting process is run by reliable professionals who maintain an open line of communication throughout the interview process. The goal is to save you the time it takes to research and narrow down the best candidates so that you can focus on determining which of the most talented candidates you want to hire. If the role changes or a high turnover position opens, the staffing team is available and adaptable to modify searches and provide a larger volume of people to choose from.

Outsourcing is a process with a fine-tuned strategy that aligns companies with the talent they need to keep their businesses growing. This recruiting process is streamlined to help companies focus on meeting their bottom line without wasting valuable resources. When businesses entrust the screening process to experienced professionals they can expect to be supported by a team that values their time and understands the significance of streamlined recruitment process. We understand the importance of hiring the superior talent so that your business can continue to perform at its best.

SRM Staffing Group is a boutique staffing firm specialized in providing Direct Hire and RPO staffing solutions.
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Author: Elisabeth Walter

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