Recruitment Process Outsourcing

What Is Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)?

Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) programs provide talent acquisition services for all types of positions that helps companies reduce costs, improve employee retention, and offers greater flexibility in the recruitment efforts. It is a process where an employer has an external provider handle some or all aspects of the recruitment cycle.

Consider it as an extension of your internal HR department. Even though parts of the recruitment process is outsourced, the overall hiring process is always controlled by the client. We can help actively participate in various portions of the recruitment efforts including but not limited to: candidate search, posting jobs on job boards, sourcing, initial candidate interviews, and more. SRM’s RPO process gives companies a scalable, cost effective way to recruit talent.

While we still offer clients the traditional contingent/retained search option, this could be an alternative recruitment solution for companies. It can be a more cost effective method depending on a company’s specific hiring needs or talent acquisition goals.

SRM Staffing Group offers two types of solutions – Partial-Cycle RPO and Project Based RPO solutions.

The Partial-Cycle RPO solution is where we will source and screen the candidates. We will initiate the first contact and match the candidate’s level of qualification to the job description, determine their interest in the job, and also their availability.

The Project Based option is where we will support the entire recruiting cycle – from sourcing to screening to facilitating the entire interview process. By allowing us to handle the interview process, this frees up the client’s time to focus more on interviewing and hiring.

Partial-Cycle RPO Solution

Our Partial-Cycle RPO solution is for those clients who might need support in posting jobs, sourcing, and screening of potential candidates. This option can help reduce cost, save time, and potentially lower the client's time to hire. Another benefit is that the client keeps ownership of the candidate data.

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Project Based RPO Solution

Our Project Based RPO solution is ideal for clients that have seasonal openings, expanding, or had unexpected turnover. We would assist in facilitating the recruiting process from screening to making an offer. This option also allows for the client to retain ownership of the candidate data.

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3 reasons why you should consider using a RPO service

On average, it can take up to nearly 24 days to hire someone. In some case, it can take even longer depending on the type of position and number of roles to fill. Finding quality candidates that not only meet the skills requirements but also being a cultural fit can be a long and time consuming task. By utilizing RPO services, you reduce your recruitment time frame on posting jobs, sourcing, screening, and even handle tasks such as setting up interviews, reference checks, and background checks. Imagine how much time you could save!
Where are you searching for your candidates? Are you using antiquated recruiting methods? How do you track your applicants? You might not be finding good candidates as other competitors if you are not utilizing all the resources available. By using an RPO, you gain access to additional resources to help find the best candidates possible for you.
One of the benefits of using an RPO service is that it can help reduce your overall hiring costs. Unfilled positions, long hiring process, costly job boards, and other hiring costs can be frustrating and put a strain on a company's budget. By working with a RPO provider, you can potentially reduce your overall cost per hire and increase employee retention.


So why use our RPO service?

Simplified Options

We offer 2 simple options to choose from: Partial-Cycle and Project Based RPO. This allows clients to determine if they need just active candidates to review and handle the interview process themselves or if they need additional support in facilitating the entire recruiting process.


We can tailor our solutions to your specific needs. Whether you have a one time, one position to fill or if the hiring needs are in flux, we can customize our solutions to best fit your needs.


As your recruitment needs increase or decrease, we can adjust our solutions based upon your hiring demands. Recruiting to hire can be peaks and valleys. We can scale up or down on our recruitment efforts to match up to the client's fluctuating hiring needs.

Cost Effective

Our RPO options provide a cost effective avenue to getting your staffing needs met. By being an extension of your HR/Talent Acquisition department, we are able to provide additional external support to your internal recruiting efforts at a lower cost.

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